A young man stands in his bedroom. It just happens to be that today, July 1st, is not his birthday or any equivalent of that. Although it has been sixteen years ago he was given life, only today (at this not-so-special day) he will be given a name.
Author blueation
Status Inactive

AbodeJammed is an adventure based on Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. It has just started recently (July 1st) but has been updated too often allready. Some of the images require old fashioned blue and red 3D glasses.


The story will most likely start out following the storyline of Homestuck loosely, but will probably jump from it around [act1-part2]


  • Dave Johnson - Or aeternasTacitus, he speaks greenish and grammatically correct mostly, but almost never uses capitals and punctuation. A nerdy looking guy, with an unhealthy amount of TaB cans. He currently uses them as a weapon and has already destroyed his training-dummy with it. Also he seems to be troubled by his Brother.
  • Tara Muir - Or crushingCrusader, she speaks orangy, grammatically correct most of the time and never forgets any punctuation, capitals or other stuff. She also seems to boss around Dave a lot and to be locked in her rooms due to a emergency lock-down.

Tropes UsedEdit

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