Who's this douchebag?

Abodesnared is an MSPAFA created by Rutares. It is a Homestuck fanadventure, taking place in the same universe but in an entirely different session with different players. It follows the style of the source, but tends to use several hero mode shots. It has had some flash updates created by Rutares, but Sega will likely help with future animations. Early music present in flashes are not original pieces and will eventually be replaced, but original music has been (and will be) provided by P.Sullivan in future updates.


There will be 6 characters overall, as featured in Abodesnared's banner.


A girl currently living in Germany, though in the process of a move elsewhere. She doesn't have much other than her computer and a few minor belongings and figured Sburb would be a neat game to play to pass the time. She chose NOVA for her server host, leading to hilarious antics of failure. Her chumhandle is jitteryArtisan.


A boy living in a currently undisclosed location. Quite possibly has Attention Deficit Disorder. He is easily sidetracked and often does not take things seriously. His chumhandle is nuttyMastermind.


The most recently introduced character. She lives in Scotland and has an affinity for Irn-Bru. Her chumhandle is hateMachine.


Holly's friend. He has not yet been formally introduced.


The comic

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