You are-- um, actually, you can't seem to remember anything, including who and where you are. Looking around this room, there seems to be a lot of useless junk.
Author flapjack1995
Status Inactive
Genre Comedy
This adventure is now dead. However, its successor and continuation, is named Overdrive Adventures.


A generic man finds himself in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar building with no memories to help him. After a fair bit of searching (and bleeding), he meets a deranged inventor, known as the Mad Scientist. The Mad Scientist mutilates the corpse of helps out the amnesiac by giving him robotic lungs and turning his top hat into an indestructible blender. Meanwhile, a rapper by the name of Straight-Up G is bustin' rhymes. After getting bored with that, he goes on a quest for some chicks, which leads him to a farm on a lower floor. This farm however contained no animals, only a switchblade and a yo-yo. In the next room, he tries to disable a laser system guarding a chest, and is knocked out in the process.


  • Amnesia Man - The main protagonist. He has woken up with amnesia. Thanks to Mad Scientist's experiments, he is the proud owner of robotic lungs and a blender top hat. He likes to think he's sophisticated, but actions have shown only that he proudly boasts a large number of known curses.
  • Mad Scientist - This malicious man is exactly what it says on his tin; a mad scientist. His current experiment involves an indestructible blender and strawberry smoothies.
  • Straight-Up G - A the man with the sweet rhymes, this radical rapper's audience is entirely imaginary. He considers himself quite skilled in construction of cardboard stages. He has a habit of finishing paragraphs and phrases with "izzles", despite his vocabulary being exceptionally advanced compared to that of the amnesiac and the Mad Scientist. He has been shown to have issues with his step-father.


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