It's 4 AM, again, and you have to go to your boring work. You really wish you didn't exist but right now there are bills to be paid. You can't go yet though, you're still missing your keys and your trusty lunchbox.
Author Declipse
Status Completed

Another Day is an adventure by Declipse. It was previously known as Pumpkin World. It follows a guy as he goes about just another normal day in his normal life. The main appeal of this rather simple adventure is that right up until the end the first post kept changing to strange and random images, retrospectively causing most of the commands in this adventure to look very silly.

Plot Edit

The main character has to get up for work at 4AM. He's half asleep and fumbles around looking for his lunchbox and keys. Once he's found them he drives to work and tries to get a drink of Revenge Soda, only to find the machine is sold out. He gets a drink of Drink Soda instead. His boss approaches and tells him that they can't open up today because he's lost the keys. The main character drives home and gets back into bed with his wife.

Characters Edit

  • Guy - A guy. He gets up to work at 4AM. He likes Revenge Soda but the machine is always sold out. His main motivation in life is his wife who he loves very much.


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