Role reversal

Igniting or consuming objects is always an extremely popular suggestion in any adventure. There is no obstacle you cannot overcome by simply setting something on fire or eating it. Or both!

For example, in Overtime, Joe Peacock must first conquer his hunger gauge before progressing any further in his quest.

Examples Edit

Multiple commands have asked for flamthrowers or consuming various items. Amillio has tried to consume the kitchen, but was stopped by the daunting fridge.

This trope was named for a comment Wesley Foxx made in this adventure.

Nopor Puss actually attempts to eat rocks.

Crimson Hood set fire to the witch's cottage when saving Karl.

Several character ingest magical Pixies, resulting in devastating hallucinogenic effects.

The sidekick of the adventure, Morlin, changes elemental attributes based on what he eats as well as the main character Guybrush Futurewood using ingestion as a method of storing items.

Joe has a hunger gauge, and the first boss was defeated by feeding it something poisonous.

When Sminly is in brown mode he's able to eat item/hold them in his stomach. When he switches to purple he can then spit them out, sometimes using them as a weapon.

Bob the Drip is ingested by something he previously set on fire.

Unbeknownst to players, arson and ingestion are both very reachable goals.

Not only is the main character a living flame, early on he attempts to eat a tree.

The main character has a