Welcome to the Warlink, Commander. Our forces are ready to begin.
Author Mayu_Zane
Status Active
Genre Strategy, Sci-fi
Art of Domination is a strategy/war adventure centered around conquering Planet 117.


28 standard days ago (14-08-2234), President Ignatius Stephen Smith, leader of Planet "117", was summoned to arrive at the Saramis Alliance courts to explain himself and his governments' actions. The charges were: unlawful experimentation on sapient species, genocide of an entire settlement , and the theft of classified Saramis Alliance data.

On 21-08-2234, President Smith declared 117 'an independent planet', severing ties with the Human Federation. Then he declared war on the Saramis species, claiming that the Saramis would be extinct in a century. It is still unclear whether Smith is hiding some kind of superweapon or if he has simply gone insane.

You are the Commanding Officer of the 1st Arm of the Saramis Alliance, Vorador Mortanius. You have been called to defeat the armed forces of Planet 117 and destroy their ruling government with the only regiment the Saramis Alliance can spare.


  • Commander Vorador Mortanius (also known as Vora) - Currently the only female Commanding Officer in the entire Saramis Alliance and a veteran of many battles, Vorador is the protagonist of the story. Married to a top-ranking general and has two sons living far away from Planet 117.
  • Ghulls Maranis - Vorador's adjutant and cousin, Ghulls is a very cautious and perceptive individual who can be trusted to spot inconsistencies and contradictions. Takes his job very seriously and calls Vora 'Commander' almost all the time.
  • President Ignatius Stephen Smith - The leader of the 117 military opposing Vora and her comrades. The elusive President is a ruthless and cunning man who genuinely believes he can succeed in his aim to rid the galaxy of all saramis.


  • Region 1 - Most technologically advanced region, and serves as primary Research and Development for Planet 117's military. Numerous freaky and seemingly unnatural phenomenon occur here.
  • Region 2 - Has the most nuclear weapons. Weapons were disabled/destroyed as invasion began.
  • Region 3 - Has the most useful natural resources. Conquered. Current "home" region for Enderfist and the Saramis military effort.
  • Region 4 - Economic powerhouse of the planet.
  • Region 5 - Most populous.

Production ListEdit

Every in-game week, the readers are given a number of Resource Points, gained by controlling territory, fulfilling objectives, and constructing certain buildings. The current list of possible improvements is as follows:

  • Seeker Drone - 1,000 RP each: An advanced UAV equipped with scanners that can be used to examine numerous structures for signs of hostiles and can intercept enemy transmissions.
  • SASAPC-12 - 2,000 RP each: Saramis Alliance Standard Armored Personnel Carrier. Can provide supressing fire against infantry, and allow quick extraction for wounded troops.
  • Volcano-4 Tank - 5,000 RP each: The Saramis Alliance's main battle tank, the Volcano-4 shoots molten metal at half the speed of light at its targets. Its only weakness is its relatively low speed and weakness to mines. Effective against vehicles and fortified positions.
  • Sonic Swatter - 2,000 RP each: A primarily anti-air weapon that literally knocks enemy aircraft out of the sky using powerful directional sonic blasts. It can also be used to destroy buildings.
  • R&D Station - 10,000 RP: When this is built, High Command will send you a team of scientists who will help you by doing Research and Development on new weapons, based on your previous combat experiences on Planet 117.
  • Airfield - 10,000 RP: Allows the construction of advanced UAVs, gunships, air transports and the Saramis aerial superweapon, the 1000 Nightmares.
  • Local Militia - 1 unit per week: 500 human troops, recruited from Planet-117's local populace. Competent enough to take cover and use Alliance weapons, but is unsuited for offense or fighting heavily-armored targets as they lack explosive weapons or cyberwarfare capabilities. Very effective at defending human cities. Can be upgraded to 'Human Battalion', gaining anti-armor weapons and becoming more effective at attacking and defending cities.

-- Dr. Ushah's Contribution --

  • Organic EMP-proof Radios: 2,000 RP: Effect: EMP attacks cannot disrupt communications. Estimated time to prject completion: 1 Week. Leads to: Organic Signal Jammers
  • Tumorhide Armor: 2,000 RP: Effect: All structures and vehicles gain increased resistance to flame and laser weapons. Estimated time to project completion: 2 Weeks

-- Infrastructure Expert's Suggestions --

  • Inter-City Highways: 5,000 RP: Effect: +2000 Increased RP per week, troops can move from one city to any city other city in the region within 1 hour. This effect carries over to additional Regions you take control of.
  • Improved Generators: 4,000 RP: New power generators for your HQ's factory that are more efficient and require less resources to maintain. Effect: -10% RP cost for building structures and non-infantry units.

-- High Command can send: --

  • Standard Battalion - 2,000 RP each: A thousand extra soldiers is never a bad thing. Comes with 900 Riflemen and 100 CWS.
  • Special Ops Team - 5,000 RP each: 20 Stealth troopers, best for sabotage and espionage. Also make for a great entourage.
  • Commander's Vanguard - 7,000 RP, only one may be present: The most elite, most experienced and well-equipped of Saramis frontline forces. They can be ordered to serve either as your bodyguards during face-to-face meetings, or be sent into battle to give your troops morale and fire support. Surprisingly friendly.
  • Human Spy - 10,000 RP each: A human loyal to Saramis Alliance, can be sent on special info-gathering missions. All Human Spies are people born as Saramis citizens in our colonies.


  • Week 1
  • [Force roster: Enderfist with orbital Darangium cannons; 5 Standard Battalions, 1 Spec Ops team.]
  • Invasion begins. Region 3 invaded, attacks against Region 2's nuclear weapons performed.
  • Monroe Hospital assault.
  • The Kalax Incident (-1 Standard Battalion).
  • End of Week 1
  • +10,000 Resource Points per week (RP/w), +10,000 Resource Point mission reward (RPrw). Total 20,000 Resource Points (RP).
  • Purchases: Seeker Drone, 2 Standard Battalions, 2 APCs, Civil Administration (+20% RP/w).
  • Week 2
  • [Force roster: Enderfist with orbital Darangium cannons; 6 Standard Battalions, 1 Spec Ops team, 1 Seeker Drone, 2 APCs. Infrastructure: Civil Administration.]
  • Defense of Gourdman and Harald.
  • Spec Ops mission.
  • Hawkeyes recruited.
  • Prisoner interrogation.
  • End of Week 2
  • +12,000 RP/w, +18,000 RPrw, -1,000 Maintenance, Mercenary Pay & Bribes Cost (RPcost). Total 29,000 RPs.
  • Purchases: Human Training Center, Saramis Barracks, Infrastructure Expert, Sonic Swatter, 2 Standard Battalions.
  • Week 3
  • [Force roster: Enderfist with orbital Darangium cannons; 8 Standard Battalions, 1 Spec Ops team, 1 Seeker Drone, 2 APCs, 1 Sonic Swatter. Infrastructure: Civil Administration, Human Training Center, Infrastructure Expert.]
  • End of Week 3
  • Week 4
  • End of Week 4
  • Week 5

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