Okay, so before you're able to start this adventure and explore the world, with all that entails, we'll have to lay the basics first. To put it simply, you're a brand new being. Actually you're more than just brand new. You're not even born yet.
Author RookieAnony
Status Inactive

Asjemenou is an adventure by RookieAnony. It follows the adventures of a sentient mushroom called Spegonu Octavius, or Speg for short.

Plot Edit

The adventure starts with a small spore floating on the breeze. The spore lands in the dirt and a mushroom grows, this is Speg. After spending some time feeding and becoming sentient Speg grows a pair of wings and sets out to explore the world. He meets a strange brown creature called Bob who defends him from an angry bee and together they decide to explore a nearby forest. Speg is promptly attacked by the unfriendly wildlife and then captured. After a short, but strange dream Speg wakes up imprisoned in a glass jar. Speg decides to attempt to communicate with whatever has captured him. He draws a flower in the dirt at the bottom of the jar and pokes at the side of the jar as a human enters the room. The human, a kid called Jannie, takes Speg out to another human; a psychic called Lani Meishun. She communicates telepathically with Speg explaining that the kid had been sent out to find an injured creature to heal for her life magic training and apologising for what happened. She gets Jannie to heal Speg and offers him a place in the Asmenian Arcane Arts School. Speg happily takes it and promptly goes to meet his roommate, a crustacean called Trixie. After purchasing stuff for his room Speg goes to meet their next door neighbour, a blob called Spriggle who he doesn't exactly get along with.

From this point on time skips ahead a bit, showing only important parts of Speg's lessons at the Asmenian Arcane Arts School. Speg becomes proficient at using magic, shapeshifting and more or less anything else he puts his mind to.

Characters Edit


Speg being silly.

  • Speg - Speg is a sentient fungus who specialises in chaos magic. He is a quick learner, though somewhat silly.
  • Bob - A strange brown creature. He doesn't ever speak and resembles a cross between a snail and a scorpion with a mouth where it's stinger would be. He can also spin webs.
  • Trixie - An exciteable crustacean. She is Speg's roommate at the Asmenian Arcane Arts School. Speg finds her to be a little bit rude at times.
  • Spriggle - A purple blob thing. It is Trixie and Speg's next door neighbour, but it does not like either of them. It is a bit of a jerk.

Crossovers and Cameos Edit

Tropes Edit

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