You are one of the top Bird Wizards in the academy. Petitions for your applicability are plentiful in measure. Compensation, adequate. It is a comfortably cool morning. You are feeling particularly arcane today. What will you do?
Author Zeitlos Eisen
Status Inactive

Bird Wizard is a reasonably straight-played homage to Problem Sleuth, by Zeitlos Eisen. It mimics Problem Sleuth, except with all commands given a Bird- or Wizard-related flavour. It is notable for being the first adventure on the MSPAFA forums (made back when the "F" stood for "Fan").

Plot Edit

Bird Wizard firstly establishes that his quill is actually a wand, and that there is no glass element to his door. He then summons a Problem Sleuth familiar. Failing that, he decides to summon something more powerful, but the ingredients require him to collaborate with his fellow Bird Wizards. After looting his desk, Bird Wizard picks up a innuendo-laden business card along with a letter from his father (a summoning spell). Bird Wizard stuffs up his summoning, and produces a poor tracing of a telephone. In an attempt to fix it, he blasts a new hole/door in his wall.

BW meets up with Arch Beak and the two try to open Peacock Sorceror's door, but are interrupted by the arrival of their nemesis, Prankster Crowprince.

Characters Edit

  • Bird Wizard - The protagonist parody of Problem Sleuth. He is a Rank 5 Bird Wizard of the Academy.
  • Arch Beak - A fellow Bird Wizard who wields the Staff of the Pelican, he is Ace Dick's equivalent.
  • Peacock Sorceror - A polite peacock who is guardian of The Orb of the Thunderous Skies.
  • Prankster Crowprince - A practical joker who BW believes was responsible for the paper door and the dangerous levels of water pressure in Peacock Sorceror's room.

Tropes Edit

Ride Adventure Like A Mechanical Bull - Arguably, this is pretty much what this whole adventure is.