Your name is Imme. You work as a Busy Bee for Honeypot Couriers, the only remaining human courier service in Dresda.
Author Superfrequency, Norivia
Status Rebooting
Bee is a collaboration by Superfrequency and Norivia. It follows the adventures of Imme, a courier in the futuristic city of Dresda.


Imme is given a package to deliver to the Dresda Museum of Natural History, but before she can deliver it she is accosted by a man named Cue and his pool themed robot 7 and the package is stolen. It turns out that she was delivering a device known as The Heart of Atlas; an incredibly powerful power source. The news that the heart is in the hands of those who would misuse it is dire news indeed. Imme decides to find out who took the heart and retrieve it, not just for the safety of the world but for the reputation of the Honeypot Couriers.

Characters Edit

  • Imme - The main character of the story. She delivers packages on her eco-friendly moped.
  • Ciclo - Imme's eco-friendly moped robot.
  • Queen Bee - The head of the Honeypot Couriers. She seems to have expanded her business' bee theme into an obsession.

Tropes Used Edit

Bee JokesEdit

For a time when the adventure had just started there was an abundance of bee themed puns. Superfrequency made it clear that the bee puns were not appreciated and it eventually died down. Dragon Fogel started a Bee Puns Text Adventure for people to post bee puns in instead.

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