You are Jean Bauby and pals. What will you do?
Author Red Herring
Status Complete

"Careers in Religion" is an MSPAFA adventure by Red Herring. It tells the story of Father Jean Bauby, his good "friend" Albert Einstein, and his love interest Sister Shannon Sorority.


This adventure uses Rock and Roll songs in order to power certain feats. Examples of songs used in the past are Jethro Tull's "Up To Me" off of the album "Aqualung".


Jean and Pals fight their way through demons. Jean has vanquished a demonic beetle and incapacitated a pirate, who later joins the team. They are currently on board Braggart's ship and are looking for crew members in order to save POPE TEDDY VII.


  • Jean Bauby - The original protagonist. He is a priest with his own (shitty) church. He loves music, Sister Sorority, and is absolutely obsessed with looking like a bad-ass. The adventure starts when he realizes that no one is attending mass.
  • Albert Einstein - A supergenius, and a vague friend of Jean's. He often finds himself annoyed by Jean's obsession with bad-assery. He's obviously the brains when it comes to most things.
  • Sister Shannon Sorority - Jean's love interest. Although she reciprocates his feelings she is devout and refuses to break her vows. She is also a high level demon hunter armed to the teeth.
  • Captain Braggart - A pirate who worked for Cardinal Sin as the captain of his boat. When Sin was killed he eventually decides to start working for Jean and his friends. He is married, and his wife thinks that he has given up pirating in favor of becoming a Real Estate agent. This is a secret he does NOT want his wife to find out!
  • Cardinal Sin - Jean's superior. He attempts to bring about the end of the world and fights Jean. Jean simply pushes him over, but he then transforms into a Cardinal Beetle and regains his strength. When it's obvious that Jean will be the victor, he summons the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR BUS to garner its aide, but ends up getting smashed on its windshield.