A young boy, standing as you see was given a life 13 years ago but only today will he be given a name, What shal his name be?
Author mark1911
Status Active
Genre Comedy, RPG

Datastuck is an adventure created by mark1911, based on Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. It follows the adventures of Mark Roberts, as well as his friends: Jess, Anthony and Mya, as they play SBURB.


Mark Roberts becomes the SBURB client and server to a girl called Jess. He prototypes his sprite with a Sorcerer's Apprentice poster and accidentally some of his own hair, creating Marksprite. He enters the Medium (the Land of Space and Games) fights imps and alchemizes stuff. The act ends as he installs the server disk. In the second act the focus is switched to Jess, whom it turns out Mark loves. Mark has become the server for someone called Mya. She, Anthony and Jess complete the SBURB player loop. They are pestered by beings from another session, who ask Jess, the Witch of Life, to come to their doomed session to revive the dead trolls.


Tropes UsedEdit

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