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You are BLADES BLANCHE, leader of the group of vigilantes known as the DAYLIGHT CREW. You and your cohorts are at your PLANNING TABLE, and you have just finished plotting the next move in your business.
Author HarMegidon and Blind Rapture
Status Dead
Genre Comedy

This was the first version of the Daylight Crew adventure written by HarMegidon. It was illustrated by Blind Rapture. It ended when Blind Rapture left and HarMegidon hosted a fanart competition to see who would have the priviledge of drawing the adventure for him when it rebooted. Toasted won that competition and Blind Rapture's efforts were deemed a 'Non-Canon Monstrosity'.


The Daylight Crew are in their lair, and they try to go out in order to fight the Spectrum. However, the Spectrum has placed a tiny, tiny replica of the Bowen Stillson Dogg to block the entrance. The perspective then changes to the second in command of the Spectrum, Shade. After some tomfoolery, he was requested by the leader of the Spectrum, Duke Chromatic.

You are BLADES BLANCHE, a notorious vigilante of the DAYLIGHT CREW. You and your partners COINS TRIO, STAVES NOBEL and CUPS FATALE are the scourge of all that lurks in the darkness, all that is EVIL and CORRUPT, for you embody GOOD and JUSTICE.
Author HarMegidon and Toasted
Status Inactive
Genre Comedy



Tropes UsedEdit

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