Author Inkherder
Status Inactive

Defenstration is a textless adventure about a gentlemanly fellow, nicknamed by the readers as Staff sgt. Max Fightmaster, who has rather bad luck with bears.

Plot Edit

Bears. Those guys are everywhere.

It's hard for a person to walk around without running into them really. A gentleman could just be flying an airplane and then a bear just shoots a ground-to-air missile at it. Now what you gonna do? You have to jump out the plane and try to land on something - another plane perhaps. The force that you have just makes you fall halfway through the roof. The bears might try to pull you in but the air pressure will just suck you and other bears (including a baby bear) out. You may not be on good terms with the bears but you're a gentleman by gosh; you wouldn't just let some poor defenseless cub fall to it's doom.

So you grab the cub, pull your chute, and land on a train but those bear-constructed roofs must be paper thin though because the second you land on it you get stuck half-in it. It wouldn't be surprising if it was poor engineering - they apparently don't know how to not fall off of bridges when driving trains too.

So then what would you do? You fall off the train and a kraken just friggin' snatches you and starts throwing you around. Oh, that's awesome. Thanks, cephalopod. Way to go.

It would seem you wouldn't be the only one trying to get away from these bears; the kraken is being shot at by a sub as you speak! What a small world it is. Onwards, then, Mr. Kraken. Take us down stream. Take us down the waterfall and into a cave. So long, Mr. Kraken.

Well now what? I guess you could check out the ca- dammit.


  • Staff sgt. Max Fightmaster - An aeronaut with a trimmed yet elegant mustache
  • Bears - Raaawr
  • Kraken

Tropes Edit