Oh no. You are NOT dealing with THIS bullshit again.
Author dupleOctave
Status Active
Genre Comedy

DiddleStuck is a recent MSPFA focusing on the adventure had by a group of trolls whoare in no way modeled after a group of friends who run a tumblr . The comic is based partly on their experiences voice acting, partly on their shenanigans during sessions of The Overseer Project, and partly completely made up.



A troll who is almost at his 7th sweep, and the first introduced. He is modeled after Morgan, the last member to join the group in real life. 

He uses the trolltag ​dupleOctave, and uses a muted yellow when he types.

He wears a lime green hat modeled after a Creeper from Minecraft, a reference made extremely obscure by the fact that no troll knows what that is. Not even him.


Character has not been introduced yet.


Character has not been introduced yet.


Character has not been introduced yet.


Character has not been introduced yet.

Tropes UsedEdit

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