You are an aspiring BATTLE CHEF. You live in the city of Endive, a bustling metropolis where FOOD has become the main draw of tourism in the city. In fact, FOOD is such a big aspect of life here, martial artists in the area have designed a fighting style based around various FOODS. And, following your childhood dream, you are currently standing outside of your SHADY APARTMENT COMPLEX that you have worked so very hard to earn.
Author Palhinuk
Status Inactive

Plot Edit

The story begins with Dalton Lamsey standing in front of his apartment complex, ready to begin his training as a Battle Chef in the bustling city of Endive. After checking the Gab'Bout Message Board, Dalton decides to go earn a few Quesos, Endivian currency, by becoming a soup cook at the local Support Center.

Characters Edit

  • Dalton Lamsey - Dalton is the main protagonist of FoodStuffs. Eager to prove himself as a BATTLE CHEF and step out of the shadow of his older sister and brother, Dalton has moved to the city of Endive in hopes of training his skills. He specializes in FRENCH CUISINE, with experience in BAKING and GRILLING. He has a few varied interests outside of being a BATTLE CHEF, including INDIE-EXPERIMENTAL FUCKROCK, HUMOROUS ANECDOTES, and the ENDIVIAN STOCK MARKET.
  • Mr. Parchisi - Apartment manager of Shady Apartments. Not much is really known about him, except that he is easily upset and has a reputation (with Dalton, at least) for being a prick. He is, apparently, very obsessive about his apartment's GAB'BOUT board.
  • Mr. Stratego - Short manager of the Endive Support Center. He seems to enjoy normality, and cannot be engaged in TALKING-BASED COMBAT, it would seem. He is also easily frightened, although this may be due to Dalton's DRAMATIC ENTRANCE.


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