Who are you? You're HARRY HONDURAS, explorer extraordinaire. What's your mission? To trot the globe like Meadowlark Lemon and solve mysteries pertaining to the unknown; to explore and loot the tombs of ancient kings (raid them, if you will); to make sure that your hair is always looking great!
Author Skub
Status Active
Genre Comedy, Fantasy

Harry Honduras and the Temple of Day, or just Harry Honduras for short/lazy, is the second adventure by Skub. The adventure details the story of Harry Honduras, explorer, and his encounter with the Temple of Day. It's all there in the title!

Plot Edit

The story starts off with Harry Honduras laying anchor in Puerto Algodón, a tiny town on the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico. As soon as Harry lands, he contacts Alvarez, his overseer, on his status. From there, the player took control.

Harry's first stop was at the gift shop, of course. There, he met up with a rotund lady and bought himself a worthless Stone Totem. After that, he hit up the tourist's kiosk and met up with a dashingly handsome guide. It was then that Harry learned more about the Temple of Day. Interests might have been piqued!

Then, Harry named his stone totem. But actually he didn't because that would have been retarded.

Characters Edit

  • Harry Honduras
The main character. Basically, he's an arrogant shithead. You can't deny, though, that he's really, really good at his job. It just goes to show you that nice guys finish last. So far, all he's done is procrastinate, but I'm sure he'll actually go and visit the Temple sometime.
  • Aaron Alvarez
Harry's eye in the sky. Or on a boat. Whatever. Point is, you can radio him whenever for advice or tips.
  • Puerto Townsfolk
Just a bunch of people who live in the town. Basically one-dimensional.

Tropes Edit

  • Crumpled Piece Of Paper - Harry starts off with no more than eight items when the adventure begins, including: a blank piece of paper for drawing a map on, a Walkman with Hall and Oates in it, a New York Giants lighter, and a Derringer pistol. Guess which one people will actually use.
  • Gorblesnatch von Humperdink - Was actually suggested for the totem's name; author brought up how terrible the name was.
  • Hello, Insert Name Here - The totem that Harry lugs around with him was almost named. Subverted when the author noted that this idea sucked and the totem already has a name.
  • Hey Guys - The appearance of a very handsome man in the Puerto is a little more than a coincidence.
  • That NOUN Looks IMPORTANT - Capitalization of IMPORTANT ITEMS is goddamn COMMON.

External Links Edit

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