Nina faces off against her grandpa in Strife.
Author tiresiasArchivist
Players 6
Status Active
Hexane is a MSPAFA created by tiresiasArchivist. It follows six kids as they play their own session of SBURB.


Mack SwallowEdit

The protagonist of the comic, named for the bird, not the process thereof. His interests include video games, American history, and sorcery. He lives in an apartment with his dad, who collects knight statues. Mack dislikes these greatly, going so far as to (unintentionally) break one. 

His chumhandle is misterRasputin and he types very similar to John.

Nina SkulutEdit

Nina is the second introduced character. She is interested in folklore, monster stories, and Shakespeare. She also has an obsession with the Beatles, although she lives in a castle in Transylvania with her grandfather. 

Her chumhandle is opheliasElegy and she types with perfect punctuation and spelling, although she rarely uses conjunctions.

Lars DemoisEdit

Lars is the third Hexane kid. He lives on a rockly little "island" off the coast of the Iberian Penninsula. He is a gamer and is very into video games, specifically shooters and Dungeons of Sunnydale. He is also obsessed with Atlantis, having spent much of his childhood pinpointing its location. Thus, his room is covered in maps.

His chumhandle is tactlessHellspawn and he types with perfect spelling and capitalization, but often leaves commas out of his messages.

Essentially they start a very normal session until various deviations and outside forces intervene, if you want more read hexane and dungeons of Sunnydale. ( first read dungeons of Sunnydale)Edit