Well, sweetheart, what's your fancy?
Author Jet
Status Inactive

Luxray Liaison is an adventure about a luxray named Jet and an arcanine named Caroline.


Jet is in his apartment. A door suddenly appears, blocking his doorway, which he finds quite rude. He climbs up to the roof and finds a purple fog obscuring everything. He jumps out, falls for a long time, and then lands in a cloud and teleports back to his room, where he flies into the door and is knocked out. Meanwhile, Caroline finds herself in her apartment. A door also appears in her doorway, even though she specifically specified that she did not want a door there. She uses a never-used lipstick to cut it open and walk out. Jet wakes up, climbs onto the balcony, and finds a Fog Scouter. He equips it, and it allows him to see through the fog. He is on top of a building. There is another building near him, then a 3x3 group of buildings next to that one. He jumps over to the middle building in the 3x3 group. Caroline smashes into a board on the floor, and goes flying out of the vent and into a door. Another character is introduced, a Flygon named Julie. and another pokemon


  • Jet

A Luxray. Works at Subway. Has a game and a fog scouter. Got an achievement for using the attack "Furry Indulgence."

  • Caroline

An Arcanine. Works at Quizno's. Also has a game and some lipstick. Got an achievement for using the attack "Feminine Senses."