You are a BIG STRONG MANLY MAN. You feel like driving TRUCKS and eating STEAK.
Author g0m
Status Active

MANLY MAN ADVENTURE GRRR is an MSPAFA by g0m. It details the adventures of one ruggedly handsome manly man.

Plot Edit

The adventure begins with our protagonist feeling like driving trucks and eating steaks, possibly both at the same time. He then proceeds to grow a full beard through the power of flexing and grunting, and then carries his car to the local pub , laughing at the unmanly not-men on bikes as he strides. As he arrives, he prepares himself for the consumption of steak served by scantily-clad women, possibly even find some manswers. But before that, he grows his eyebrows by the flexing in a manly fashion.

After entering the pub by hitting the door with his face really hard, a scantily-clad waitress immediately responds to his alpha-male pheromones by serving him every drink ever created all at once, the Steak Whiskey Vodka Bourbon. Our unbelievably manly protagonist then downs the beverage in one gulp and smashes the glass against his head for no reason other than it looks really cool. He then spies Satan, who is so unmanly it compels the protagonist to challenge him to a game of Battle Pool. Our so-manly-it-is-almost-impossible-to-stare-directly-at-him protagonist draws his trusty pair of lightsaber chainsaws, while Satan has only a stick.

The extreme pool table rises, and Manny starts off the game by throwing an oversized 8-ball at Sat-Wuss, who somehow manages to block using his stick, making Manny pretty damn mangry. In his manger, he uses his lightsaber chainsaws to de-manify Satan in an event so manly it causes a guitar to appear, combust, and play a kickass solo on itself in tribute.

To celebrate, the hero drinks a pitcher full of sawdust and nails to refresh himself after that not-even-remotely tiring battle, which somehow makes him remember his rival in manliness, Leslie. Recalling Leslie fills him with rage, which also makes him incredibly aroused, enough to "accidentally" stumble into a gay bar and demand a threesome, at which point the story shifts to the perspective of a college bro.

Characters Edit

  • Immanuel/Manny:

The protagonist. Overwhelmingly manly.

  • Satan:

A total wuss. Is defeated during the game of Battle Pool.

  • Leslie:

Immanuel's rival in manhood. Thinking about him makes Manny angry/aroused.

  • Pretty Cool College Bro:

A pretty cool college bro. He likes playing Halo and getting high.

Tropes Edit

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