Oh Teh Noes! Zombies!

You should be out celebrating or boarding up your windows.

Oh Teh Noes! Zombies! is a stupid comic about stupid people fighting stupid zombies. The comic is run by PsychoticSyntax .

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers are to be expected and will be left unmarked. Read at your own risk.

Comic InformationEdit

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Status: Active

Pages: 503

Completed Acts: 2

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The comic depicts the actions of seven young men and women and one adult as they struggle to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and its challenges. These challenges include keeping in touch with one another, as well as defeating overpowered Synthetic Zombies.



Gumpy is the first character introduced in the comic. He is characterized as a wrathful person with a cleft chin. He admires his Dad greatly, who, in reality, should not be admired at all. He adores paintings, even though he knows close to nothing about them, and has a case of rabies, even though this is never shown. His Buddy Name is eldenPicasso, and types like he doesnt give two shits


Toppler is the second character introduced. Depicted as a dapper young fellow, Toppler is recognized by his short stature and enormous tophat. He enjoys music, although he cannot play it. He enjoys making lists so that he can keep track of what he needs to do. He is also quite intelligent. His Buddy Name is harmonousTophat, and Speaks in quite a fancy fashion.


Mellie is the first girl introduced, as well as the third character. She is the oldest of 99 children. She like to draw things in sketchbooks and on scrolls. She enjoys telling jokes and playing volleyball, as well. She owns a pet named Bigglesby, whom she simply adores. Her Buddy Name is imaginedSanction, and $peaks in a bit of a $a$$y tone.


The fourth character introduced, as well as the only adult in the comic to have a role as a Main Character. He doesn't officially have a name. He absolutely hates his son, Gumpy. He is always hungover due to his addiction to alcohol. He is also a fairly heavy person since he enjoys eating food. His Buddy Name is hatefulPatriarch, and !s always fuck!ng p!ssed about someth!ng


Arson And Ingestion - Dad eats glass without yeilding any consequences.

Hello, Insert Name Here - Each character begins without a name. Dad is the only one who wouldn't allow himself to be named.

If You Insist - Toppler is told to perform a stunt when climbing down from a ladder, and falls to his death.

Ride Adventure Like A Mechanical Bull - This is stupid.

That NOUN Looks IMPORTANT - Useless pieces of FURNITURE seem to capitalized A LOT, as well as SEVERAL OTHER THINGS.

Trusty Paddle - Mellie's first weapon is a hairdryer.

You Are Now This Guy - Several times characters cannot perform actions. They're too busy being somebody else.

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