You are CABBAGE.

You have an idea for an AWESOME ADVENTURE to post, and a MOCKUP of your starting page open on your BURLY COMPUTING DEVICE. You briefly considered starting with a LAME SELF-REFERENTIAL INTRO in which you ponder whether to post your NEWLY SPAWNED ADVENTURE, but decided against it because NOBODY LIKES THAT RECURSION BULLSHIT.

What will you do?

Author aCabbageOrSomething
Status Active
Genre Comedy

Organized: An Adventure of Biblical Proportions is an adventure created by aCabbageOrSomething of the MSPA Fora. It follows the adventures of the Author, aCabbageOrSomething himself, who is about to post an awesome adventure. After a few updates the Author's computer gets a Blue Screen of Death. Enraged, he sets out to the Microsoft HQ on his Office Chair Steed to sort the whole mess out.


Initially the self-referential introduction was only suppose to last for ten panels or so, but as most MSPAs things didn't go as planned, leading to the Author becoming the main character.


Hey Guys


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