You have just turned twelve(12) and your MOTHER has decided that you are now mature enough to get your very first PET!
Author Nekokaburi
Status Active

Oviparous Chronometer is an adventure by Nekokaburi. It follows the story of a nameless and gender ambiguous protagonist and his or her friends as they raise and train their pets.

Plot Edit

The plot so far follows the nameless protagonist as he or she learns the basics of owning a pet. He or she picks a water type pet for his or her first pet, and names her Trixie. Lisa, a friend of the nameless protagonist visits later that day and is surprised to discover that Trixie is an ancient, a type of pet that hasn't been seen in over a hundred years. She also notes that the protagonist's chronometer, a device used to interact with the pet, is incredibly outdated. She transfers her pet, an air type called Kaz, over to Trixie's tank and they play. Later Ethan, a friend of theirs, calls to say that he discovered an earth egg and pen that had been discarded in an alleyway. They go over to see that the egg has hatched into a female worm-like creature that he has called Ormr. Lisa notes that, like Trixie, Ormr is an ancient. They discuss strategy and how they will train their pets and decide to visit Bridget and see if she has any equipment that can help their pets train their defence. They go to visit her and her pet, a male fire type called Duske. Lisa suspects that Duske may also be an ancient. They decide that they would like Bridget to join their band, The Oviparous Chronomancers, and their party.

Characters Edit


The nameless and gender ambiguous protagonist.

  • Nameless Protagonist

He or she plays the bass guitar and owns a water type pet named Trixie. He or she is also a good artist and flirts outrageously with all of his or her friends irrespective of their gender. He or she always speaks with blue text.

  • Lisa

She is good friends with the nameless protagonist and a potential love interest. She plays the guitar in the band and has an air type pet named Kaz. She always speaks with red text.

  • Ethan

He is friends with Lisa and the nameless protagonist. He likes to think of himself as something of a manly man and is mildly distraught by his pet being female. He plays the drums in the band and has an earth type pet named Ormr. He always speaks with green text.

  • Bridget

A recent addition to the band, Bridget is rather shy and modest about her musical abilities. She plays the keyboards and has a fire type pet called Duske. She always speaks with orange text.