• Items are physical objects (unlike EQUIPS, which are just an upgrade and thus have no physical form to speak of), which must be pushed around, lugged, or kept in a backpack if you want to hold on on one.
See below for a list of all known Items and Equips.

Elemental Artefacts Edit

An ELEMENTAL ARTEFACT can be imbued into a PIXEL by performing a number of challenges, depending on the element. The lesser type of ELEMENTAL ARTEFACT, an ESSENCE, requires no challenge to be imbued into a pixel. To gain access to a challenge of a COMPOSITE, SHARD, CRYSTAL OR FOCUS, you must complete the challenge associated to the previous type of ARTEFACT. There appears to be hundreds, maybe more, type of elements. The main elements are WATER, EARTH, LIGHT, DARKNESS, AIR and FIRE. With each element, an ASSOCIATED SKILL and a MENTAL FRACTION exist. For example, LIGHT has RESISTANCE as its ASSOCIATED SKILL and PURITY as its MENTAL FRACTION. The challenges are probably associated with its ASSOCIATED SKILL and MENTAL FRACTION. When the challenges necessary for you to be completed have been completed, there is usually an altar where you can place your ARTEFACT, and the pixel that should be imbued. The effects this have on the pixel, equipped with an equip or not, is unknown.

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