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Authors Superfrequency, beans, faceofdoomness
Status Completed

Panopoly was a collaborative adventure between Superfrequency, beans and faceofdoomness. It died a premature death with the disappearance of faceofdoomness from the forum.

Plot Edit

Tom (Player 4) wakes up on a Monopoly board with $200, his life savings. He has to make smart investments in order to raise enough money to cure his sick grandmother. His success was to be dictated not only by suggestions, but also by the movements of other characters. This included Eugene, a rich bastard, and Marlene, a preppy daughter of a multi-millionaire.

After Face disappeared Beans posted an update showing Superfrequency yelling at Faceofdoomness for taking too long, throwing the board in the air and storming off.

Characters Edit

In-Game Characters Edit

  • Player One - Eugene Doppler (Top Hat)

A ludicrously wealthy man who worked hard for everything he has. He knows what it's like to have to work from the bottom of the heap. His first purchase was a tobacco store.

  • Player Two - Marlene (Terrier)

The daughter of an unnamed tycoon, she was out for the day with some pocket money to spend on some nice properties.

  • Player Three - Buck Wickett

Never introduced.

  • Player Four - Tom (Thimble)

Tom wakes up on the Monopoly board with $200 in his pocket; on a mission to raise money for his sick grandmother.

Out-of-Game Characters Edit

  • Superfrequency - threw the board into the air and stormed off after Faceofdoomness took too long to make his move.
  • beans - was also pissed off at Face for delaying.
  • faceofdoomness - a semi-decomposed cadaver sitting at the table. Fortunately, he is not actually dead.

Tropes Used Edit

It's so cold you can't think straight
Author Superfrequency, Norivia, beans
Status Complete

Risk Edit

Risk was an adventure created and ended within one update, by Superfrequency. It was a response to a suggestion by Norivia after Panopoly was scrapped due to faceofdoomness' departure.

Plot Edit

A lone soldier grumbles to himself about the cold while stationed on patrol duty in deepest Siberia. The prompt comes for readers to offer a name, when Superfrequency interrupts the scene in voiceover.

Superfrequency, beans, and Norivia are gathered round a board game. Superfrequency refuses to play, gets up, and leaves. beans leaves also, pointing out that how doesn't even know how to play Risk. Norivia cries to himself before passing the dice to a thoroughly decomposing Faceofdoomness.

Characters Edit

In-Game Characters Edit

  • Soldier - An unnamed soldier stuck on guard duty.

Out-of-Game Characters Edit

  • Superfrequency - Stopped the game before it even started. She abstained from throwing the board up in the air this time.
  • beans - Was apparently up for a game, despite not knowing the rules.
  • Norivia - Rather upset that the game didn't go so well.
  • faceofdoomness - Too dead to care.

Tropes Edit