I wanna be the greatest chef, Like noone ever waaaas! To cook them is my real test, To serve them is my cause! Pokemon!
Author McBatman
Status complete
Genre Comedy

PokeChef Quest is a short adventure by McBatman. It follows the adventures of a young chef aspiring to cook all 150 pokemon.

Plot Edit

Professor Oak, in the traditional vein of all Pokemon parodies, asks the protagonist's name, who is called Chris Romano. Because his dream is to cook and serve Pokemon instead of more normal collection methods, Oak offers him a Rabid Pichu, a Dead Fearow, or a Magikarp. Chris chooses the Magikarp, and heads off out of Pallet town to begin his journey.

He brains a Rattata in some tall grass with his trusty spatula and cooks it then and there in the tall grass. He then forgets to extinguish his cooking and starts a fire. Chris escapes into a forest after causing Professor Oak plenty of greivous bodily harm.

In the forest, Chris relieves himself on a tree, which angers the local forest spirits who send a Golem to attack him. Water beats Rock, so Chris defeats the Golem by urinating on it. Officer Jenny interrupts, so Chris steal her motorbike after throwing the Golem at her. He left his pants at the scene, but luckily it was Oak's wallet in the pocket, not Chris'.

As Chris watches on while Professor Oak gets arrested, Masterchef Giovanni arrives to offer him a job cooking for Team Rocket. Chris accepts, and happily spends the rest of his days serving up the wildlife to Team Rocket's employees.

Characters Edit

  • Chris Romano - The 18-year old who, instead of heading out to catch all 150 Pokemon, plans to serve them up on plates.
  • Professor Oak - The man who pays for Chris' delinquent exploits.
  • Officer Jenny - The local law enforcer who is accosted by a urine-soaked Golem when trying to bring Chris to justice.
  • Giovanni - One of the most famed chefs in the Kanto region, he is the leader of the evil Team Rocket.

Tropes Edit

Name That Game - Rather obvious.

Hello, Insert Name Here - Kind of a staple of Pokemon games, but there you go.

Arson and Ingestion - Both present and accounted for in this adventure.

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