Pumpkin Inspector

Plot Edit

You are the Pumpkin Inspector. What you have to do is unlock the pumpkin shaped lock. Simple? Not really. The Pumpkin Key is gaurded by The Pumpkin Lord. But first, you need to escape your office.

Characters Edit

PI Pumpkin Inspector

Battling Edit

Select an attack for the characters you are using.


Keep this high no matter what!

Majik Edit

This allows special attacks if you give the right amount.

Essence Edit

There are certain Essences that apply to certain characters. These can be used to fire a critical attack at the enemy. These also can be used to be sold for great amounts of cash.

Spondlocks Edit

This is the money. You can summon beings and hire temporal assistants with this too.

Items Edit

I'll list these whenever we see them.

General Items

  • Apple - Heals 10 Health
  • Crystal - Heals 5 Majik
  • Health + - Ups Health by 2
  • Majik + - Ups Majik by 2

Specific Items

None found yet...

Attack Items

None found yet...

Games Edit

I will make games for this adventure, usually puzzle solving. None made yet.

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