This is Nopad's most rcent advenure and i think its REALLY GREAT!!!!!!

It borrows a lot of elements from ANDREW HUSSIE!!! like Sweet bro and hella Jeff ad HomeStuck.

this is YOU

what do you do????

Author Nopad

Characters Edit

  • Sick Brah

Sick brah is rellay cool.  He might be a girl WE DN'T KNOW! We dont' know much about him a t all 'cuz we havent played as him yrt.

  • Cowabungah Dan

This is the fisrst prerson we play as HE IS REally cool hwe weras a rberet.  Also he is *spoiler*into Sick Brah I think*end spoiler*.

Tropes Used Edit

Nopad is WAYYY to cool to use tropes. Duh.

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