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Blink. Blink is my name.
Author chinkeeyong
Status Inactive

The story begins, like some MSPAFAs do, in a void of endless nothing, other than Blink and a floating white box.

Initially, the only possible actions that could possibly be used (aside from countless tropes) involve the box, and discovering its contents. Among these include:

  • Attacking it with greasy meat.
  • Stopping it from floating by using month-old gum (found in Blink's pocket) as an adhesive.
  • Riding the box (Not like a mechanical bull).
  • Fiding a seem and breaking it.

When finally the latter is performed, and several blank panels pass, the plot progresses, changing the plains into a woodland.

Blink then picks up his chewing gum again and puts it in its wrapper.

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