It's time to kick some ASS.
Author BoisterousChum
Status Complete

Slugventure Yeah was a short adventure by BoisterousChum. All of the panels for it were drawn in the space of a two-page homework assignment.

Plot Edit

A slug decides to beat the crap out of the nearest gastropod he sees. This is none other than a snail in a jacuzzi with two floozies. He fails at pummeling him and tries to fuse with the Snail instead. The two battle for mastery over the final fused form and become the almighty Snaillug.

Characters Edit

Slug - a rather violent-minded kind of fellow.

Snail - A snail with a jacuzzi who was just trying to enjoy time with his Floozies.

Floozies - a pair of indeterminate insects who thought the whole fusion process was frankly, quite stupid.

Tropes Edit

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