Spirits of Christmas is a tower-defense-esque adventure by Bagofnuts.

Mechanics Edit

Units can be summoned by hanging their decorations upon the Christmas tree. There are no hard and fast stats, simply abilities of units. There is a limit to the number of ornaments which can be placed in one turn, but this can be increased with Vines.

Also, the Band is a chiefly non-offensive support group whose power increases as they become numerous. By adding more members, the Band as a whole gets more abilities which also become more potent.

Plot Edit

Susie is left to decorate the Christmas Tree by herself,

Characters Edit

Sally - A young latchkey kid who misses her late father very much.

Christmas Spirits Edit

  • Connie - Short for Contentment. A small, bright, yellow dog called a Sunpup that emerged from a yellow bauble. Ability: Encouragement
  • Victor - Bastardisation of Vigor. A small, energetic red rat-like Haprat that emerged from a red bauble. Ability: Willpower
  • Minnis - Short for Reminice. A blue Icefly that emerged from an icicle ornament. Ability: Slow enemies.
  • Harold - Sounds like Herald. A big silver bell with ribbons for arms. A veritable tank who grew as more bell ornaments were added to the tree. Band member. Ability: Tempo Control
  • Joy - A Trumpeter Angel who can also join the Band. Ability: Fanfare
  • Rezzo - Short for Resolution; a silver five-pointed star known as a Starling. Ability: Dazzle
  • Tiddly - Short for Good Tidings. A small, gold Songbird with a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. Another Band member. Ability: Chirp
  • Silas - Short for Silence, Silas was a gold and violet Pysanka spider. Its Webspinner ability was used to repair broken ornaments.
  • Bruce - A rather shy Drummer Boy whose nickname stood for Birth. Band member. Ability: Snare Rattle
  • Adra - Short for Adoration, Adra was a snakelike plant called a Flowervine. Using its Vines ability, more ornaments could be palced on the tree at once.
  • Dasher - One of Santa's Reindeer. An elite unit with the ability Formation.
  • Slay - A dogsled team whose name is homonymous with Sleigh. Ability: Race.
  • Present - A tacit polar bear holding a giftbox from which random effects sprung.
  • Karl - A Bass Guitar Angel, short for Carol. Band member. Ability: Rumbling Undertone.
  • Brock - A Guitar Angel, short(?) for Rock. Band member. Ability: Hard Metal.
  • Frosty - A snowman from that Christmas story. Ability: Merry Laugh.
  • Cheso - One of Sally's father's hidden Nutcracker Soldiers. Ability: Team Up

  • Winter - The mighty (mecha!) general of the Nutcracker Soldiers. He has a railgun called Mistletoe. Ability: Call To Arms

X-Mas Spirits Edit

  • Xmas Spirit - A small, vicious, spirit that represents all that is wrong with Christmas.
  • Rexmas Spirit - A bigger, tyrannosaurid version of the smaller Xmas Spirits.
  • Greed Crow - A black bird so huge it managed to warp Sally's living room.
  • Misery   - A monstrous, many-headed sandworm-esque beast which sprouted heads as swiftly as they were chopped off.

Cameos and Crossovers Edit

Tropes Edit

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