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Somehow, a strange curiosity surrounding that purple explosion is pulling at you. Perhaps your life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.
Author OfficerJordan & Aangie
Status Inactive
Genre Comedy, RPG

Starfall is an adventure created by the duo of OfficerJordan and Aangie, who both contribute updates. Many elements of the story are inspired by one of the authors' favorite games, the Nintendo RPG EarthBound, as well as Andrew Hussie's Homestuck, among other things. It follows a girl named Alicia Brady and her friends as they undertake an adventure following the crash of a space object in Alicia's backyard. The adventure uses a somewhat traditional interface, including a regular inventory.

The adventure began on December 29, 2010. The update pace is normally steady, though personal issues may occasionally stall it. Most updates are images, with rare and brief flash animations to be supplied by Aangie. As of July 1, 2011, Starfall has 276 pages. On October 31, 2011, OfficerJordan announced the co-authorship had ended and Starfall could only come back as a reboot, if it ever does.

Adventure Forum Thread, where suggestions are made, among other fun things.

Starfall mirror, where one can read the adventure uninterrupted.

Formspring, where one can ask questions.

Part 1 of the fan art and fan music made for Starfall.


The plot will be divided into a large amount of Chapters, which are shorter than the Acts that characterize other adventures like Homestuck. This section will be cut down and generalized in the future into less of a play-by-play, but for now it will do.

!Spoilers are to be found within!


It is just before midnight on June 4 of an unknown year when a meteor crashes on a hill behind Alicia Brady's house in the suburbs of Blurose. She goes to investigate the crash, taking her nunchucks along the way. After fighting a crow, she discovers a purple star-shaped rock and a Purple Runestone as one of the points. She takes it, and it warps her into a trippy dream sequence in which she is swallowed by a galaxy and sees a blue planet. After waking up, she goes back home, and is forced to explain the events to her parents. She decides she will attempt to decode the rock and seek her astronomy-inclined friend's counsel in the morning.

Chapter 1Edit

In the morning, Alicia gets up and talks to her friend, saturnStorm, on the SmallTalk application. He agrees to meet her for lunch at the Kaboing's restaurant in the nearby Chattel City. Alicia realizes that her friend's display picture is a blue planet, much like she saw in her dream sequence. Alicia takes her lamp along on her trip to the city and leaves home. After meeting an adorable cat, she faces off against two evil garden gnomes. They destroy her lamp, however, it becomes the lovable Lampghost for reasons currently unexplained. After beating the gnomes, Alicia levels up.

Meanwhile, Alicia's astronomy-loving friend is introduced. His name is Scott Armstrong. Scott gets ready to leave his own home in Primavera, taking his trusty weapon, the Saturaxe. However, he is ambushed upon leaving his room by his little sister, the girl inventor Macey. Scott's parents tell him to take Macey along and get her out of their hair for a while, so Scott and Macey leave the house together. They go to the Bus Stop, but get into a fight with four Comma Snakes. After the fight, the bus comes and Scott and Macey board it to Kaboing's.

Meanwhile, Lampghost falls asleep, and Alicia helps an old man cross the street, reaching Kaboing's. Scott and Macey meet with Alicia there, and they go inside, where the waitress is dressed like a dolphin, as it's Dolphin Tuesday. Macey wants to play the crane game, and Scott promises he'll let her if she eats a good lunch. They then order their food and eat it. Afterwards, Alicia and Scott discuss the runestone, deducing with Scott's book that it comes from the nearby galaxy Agrégat-93, noting the star symbol on it, and believing it carries a message from an ancient civilization. At this point, the two are interrupted by the old man from earlier, who feigns choking and punches Alicia. The lights go out, everyone runs but the heroes, and the old man's skin slips away to reveal the Skinstealer Demon.

Lampghost won't wake up. The heroes try to escape, but the demon blocks their way with a wall of fire. It demands for the runestone in Morse Code, and the battle begins, but just one attack from the demon deals a lot of damage to Alicia and Scott. Macey tries to protect them, and is kidnapped. After healing, Alicia and Scott form a diversion with Scott's Clefairy doll, but it becomes enraged and knocks Alicia out with a fireball. A glimpse of the third character is seen. While Scott faces the demon by himself, Alicia is in another dream sequence inside her own head, where she meets Lampghost and learns that Lampghost was a part of her soul imparted into Alicia's lamp, and not really its ghost. This gives them a special connection. Alicia and Lampghost re-awaken, and Lampghost stuns the demon, releasing Macey and giving the heroes a chance to strike. They bring the demon's health down until it becomes unstunned and shakes them off. Alicia gets the idea to attack its weak point, and does so, finishing the demon off.

The Skinstealer drops $105; the fork gun is broken. Alicia and Scott level up, with Alicia apparently having an extra stat called AP. We also see a glimpse of a mysterious fox/bunny thing. Macey uses $5 to get a Problem Sleuth doll from the crane game, and Scott uses it to replace his Clefairy doll, while Alicia pays the dolphin waitress a small sum. They then leave the restaurant, and part their ways after a short discussion, promising to be careful and to continue their research. Macey insists that she has an invention waiting for Scott at home that will allow her to help him without getting in danger. Meanwhile, two shadowy mysterious figures, a man and a woman, stand on the roof and discuss recent events, calling Alicia the Stardaughter. The man expresses disbelief that the Demon was bested by children, but the woman reminds him that they have a child within their ranks, and alludes to something else unknown.

Chapter 1 ended on 6/29/11, the half-a-year anniversary of Starfall's beginning. Shortly after the chapter ended, the first author time-out happened, with one of the authors (OfficerJordan) thanking everyone and giving respect to people who had submitted fan works for the adventure so far.

Chapter 2Edit

The forthcoming chapter.

Main CharactersEdit

Alicia BradyEdit

Alicia is the main character of Starfall and the first introduced character, shown and named at the beginning of the Prologue. She is 13.5 years old, and lives in a town called Blurose, which is on the outskirts of the big city, Chattel City. A space rock crashes in her backyard, and upon investigation, she discovers a key item, the Purple Runestone. She also owns a lamp in her room, which later is destroyed, becoming the Lampghost, which she calls 'Lampy'. It turns out that the Lampghost was a part of her soul that inhabited her lamp after she drew a smiley face on it, which she has a special connection with. She is also apparently the Stardaughter, whatever that is.

Her weapon of choice is nunchucks; she owns a pair of nunchucks that are colored like her Fobby and Foppy plushies. She has a speed of 60%. She also has a stat called 'AP' which no one else has, the purpose of which is unknown.

She is said to be confident, bright and imaginative, though she is also said to be clumsy. She also has no problems taking silly suggestions, such as walking sideways like a crab, which has become one of her habits. She also is currently wearing her pajamas under her regular clothing. Her interests include the SNES RPG EarthBound, as well as butterflies - she owns a butterfly collection. She watched a show called Flutter the Magic Butterfly when she was younger. She loves messing around on the internet and practicing with her nunchucks. She has a mild interest in astronomy, but her friend Scott has a bigger interest. They talk via the SmallTalk application, on which Alicia's username is flutterBy.

She was named by Perpetually Confused. Her dialogue text is red.

Scott ArmstrongEdit

The second main character to be introduced, originally only known through his symbol, astronomical interest, and SmallTalk username (saturnStorm). Scott is the same age as Alicia, and lives in a town called Primavera, which is also on the outskirts of Chattel City. He agrees to help Alicia solve the mystery of the Purple Runestone. When he left his room, he took some objects, including books and a Clefairy doll. The doll got destroyed by the Skinstealer Demon, but he got a replacement. He now has the Runestone's runes on a napkin, so he can attempt to solve the runes' mystery.

His weapon of choice is the Saturaxe, an axe that has been in his family for generations, which he customized with a spacey theme. He has a speed of 45%.

He is said to be an awkward and goofy joke-teller, but sociable and a reliable friend. His interests include a strong interest in astronomy - he owns a telescope and many astronomical and astrological books detailing the planets, stars, and galaxies. His other interest is the show The Office, and he believes Steve Carell (Michael Scott's actor) to be his personal hero. He is often quick to make a 'that's what she said' joke. He loves his sister, Macey, very much, despite her constant annoyance to him, and feels obligated to protect her.

His name was combined from Iceemaker's suggestion (Dwight Scott) and Neoskel's suggestion (Galileo Armstrong). His dialogue text is blue.

Third Main CharacterEdit

Apparently a girl wearing a dress whose primary color is green. She sadly could not help in the Skinstealer fight and probably won't appear for a while.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Alicia's ParentsEdit

Alicia's parents. They are supportive of Alicia, while also making room for her to do what she wants. However, they are incredibly eccentric - Alicia's house is inhabited by mice, and her parents have taken to treating the mice as pets. They love the mice so much that they decorated the lower floor of the house with mice paraphernalia.

Lampghost (aka Lampy)Edit

Once thought to be Alicia's former lamp reincarnated in the form of a ghost helper that tags behind her, Lampghost is in fact born out of a part of Alicia's soul that slumbered inside her before being imparted into her lamp, and released when it was broken. Lampghost has a mischevious appearance, but is loyal to Alicia. He can unleash light bursts upon enemies, which cause the powerful Stun effect. Lampghost can go into some kind of 'sleep mode' where he is less visible, but has trouble coming out of sleep mode when needed.

Scott's ParentsEdit

Scott's parents have yet to be seen. They are said to have much better taste than Alicia's parents.

Macey ArmstrongEdit

Scott's little sister, Macey. Macey is a mechanical whiz, who enjoys inventing things, like her rocket boots. Scott is forced to babysit her and deal with her mind games, but he loves her anyway. She also likes apple juice. She was kidnapped by the Skinstealer Demon, but was later released. She can wield a pop gun as a weapon, which she modified to make a fork gun (though it got broken), and her goggles appear to be able to scan enemy stats. She also claims to have an invention for Scott that will let them talk in case he needs an invention. Her dialogue text is purple.

She stars in her own side adventure, MACEYQUEST 2011.

Skinstealer DemonEdit

A snake-shaped boss character met at Kaboing's. The Skinstealer Demon was masquerading as an old man, being 'in his skin', and seeks Alicia's runestone for reasons unknown. It speaks in Morse Code. The Skinstealer Demon's looks were partially inspired by the Anti-Spiral in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and the concept was taken from Shel Silverstein's poem 'Skin Stealer'. It has 100 HP, 12 ATK, 8 DEF, and a SPD of 80%. It possesses powers of fire. The Skinstealer Demon kidnapped Macey, knocked out Alicia and seemed like a nearly insurmountable foe until Lampghost awoke and stunned it; it was then defeated and dropped $105.

Kaboing's WaitressEdit

She is the only shown waitress of the Kaboing's restaurant. When she is first met, it is Dolphin Tuesday, meaning that she is required to dress as a dolphin. This has led to her also being called the 'dolphin lady'. She seems frazzled after the Skinstealer Demon battle.

Fox/bunny thingEdit

What fox/bunny thing?

Shadowy Mysterious FiguresEdit

Two shadowy mysterious figures that stood on the roof of Kaboing's at the end of Chapter 1. They have hooded robes with the Skinstealer's upside-down star/triangle insignia on them. One is a male, and the other is a female, but they allude to there being more among their ranks, including a child. They call Alicia the Stardaughter. It seems they may play some sort of villainous role, but it is as of yet unknown.

Extra InformationEdit

Co-author OfficerJordan posted a bunch of supplemental information in the description of a deviantArt picture, concerning what would be the second iteration of Starfall if it ever occurred:

  • Starfall has a different logo.
  • All the characters have been redesigned and Alicia and Scott's ages are now given as 14. Some extra information is given that was never in the adventure; Alicia has 'evolutionary potential' and Lampghost is her 'Animus'.
  • The main characters of Starfall that were never shown are also depicted; they are Robin Gates (who was seen in silhouette in the original adventure), Dylan Maguire, and Dusty the fox (who was spotted peeking through the window in the original adventure).
  • The Purple Runestone's runes are different, but the star-triangle remains the same.
  • The towns of Blurose and Primavera are now Blaue Blume and Prima Vera.
  • The date of the story's beginning is now given as June 25, 2015.

There were also a number of unused enemies, including a vacant-looking stump called the Stumped Stump; as well as the New Age Retro Hipster, a take on EarthBound's New Age Retro Hippie enemy. There was also another 'Demon' boss, a large tall blob that produced a loud scream and reproduced by budding. There was also to be another character with an Animus like Lampghost that served as a frequent nemesis to Alicia. The plot of the adventure would eventually progress to a galactic level. All of these ideas never made it in.

Scott Armstrong survives on Twitter with a Twitter account.

Tropes ExhibitedEdit

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