Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a PERFECTLY NORMAL TREE.

Whether in homage to classic TEXT-BASED ROLEPLAYING GAMES, as a way of providing CLUES as to the IMPORTANCE or INTERACTIVE NATURE of CERTAIN OBJECTS, or in imitation of Andrew Hussie's PROBLEM SLEUTH, a number of adventures employ SELECTIVE CAPITALIZATION or other similar means of STYLISTICALLY DESCRIBING their ENVIRONMENTS and ITEMS.

Examples Edit

Uses bold text for various interactive objects.

From CHARACTER NAMES to IMPORTANT NOUNS to SPELLS AND TECHS this adventure is riddled with this trope.

While it's difficult to tell because only one item has been seen in a font other than the (all-caps) adventure-specific one, the BATTERY was indeed rendered in capitals.

Originally employed CAPS but switched to Bold Text for describing important items, because CAPS MEANS SHOUTING.

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