You are this angel...
Author MultiFunctional
Status Inactive
Genre Supernatural

Plot Edit

God hasn't really been paying attention to the world for the last couple of hundred years. When he does take a glance over he is alarmed by what he sees. Terrified that humankind will attempt to overthrow Heaven he sends Castiel, the angel of Thursday on a journey to find and activate The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Taxes, Pesticide, Gluttony and Petty Squabbles.

The adventure follows the misadventures of Castiel, and later Gabriel and Barachiel, as they attempt to destroy the world and Jupiter and bring an end to terrorism.

Characters Edit

Player CharactersEdit

  • Castiel - Castiel is the Angel of Thursday. He doesn't appreciate it when people confuse him with that Other Castiel.
  • Gabriel - Gabriel is the Messenger of the Heavens and is a smarmy jerk. He is typically recognised either by his cool shades or by his flaming red eyes. Due to a series of unlikely events Gabriel now believes he is the guardian angel of Barack Obama.
  • Barachiel - Barachiel is one of the top archangels in Heaven. He is easily recognised by his bright red shirt with a flower on it.

Other CharactersEdit

  • God - God is the deity in charge of Heaven. He's terrified by the technological prowess of humans (and Jupiter) and has a big beard.
  • Barack Obama - Barack Obama is the president of the United States. Despite not being willing to help destroy the world he's pretty damn cool.
  • Sarah Palin - Sarah Palin joins Castiel in his journey to find the Four Horsemen. However since Castiel insists on pointedly ignoring her she quickly goes missing somewhere in Mexico, only to be kidnapped by terrorists and transported to Afghanistan.
  • Azrael - Azreal, the Angel of Death, is one of the angels Gabriel can summon. He has a very short temper and likes to kill things. He is easily recognised by his robe of varying colours.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Mr Paulino - Mr Paulino (correctly pronounced Mr Paulino) is the owner of a field in Mexico. He really doesn't like Castiel and doesn't have tiny hoofs for feet.