The Family O2CR
Things were going so well in Area 3, then THIS happened.
Host Archduke_Ferdinand
Players Many
Status Completed

The Family: Only Two Can Remain was a collab of epic proportions hosted by Archduke_Ferdinand. It was extremely successful for a collab of its size (at least 30 players), and players were given specific roles instead of choosing their own.


"The Family" consisted of a guy called Jeff, who was a rather normal table-top role-player, and his 25 clones created by a mysterious corporation. Each clone had a different power inserted in his DNA, and their sole purpose was to see which would survive.

As players signed up by selecting which *eff they wished to be, AF sent a PM outlining their strength and weakness. The *effs were released into Areas in small groups, each containing an exit and various traps the *effs had to negotiate.

Meanwhile, a smaller group of *effs negotiated Area 5, a prison for a group of *effs who were turned into Communists, and were under the watchful Eye of Capitalism, a.k.a 2eff (who was too powerful to be included in the experiement)

Those who survived these areas moved on to the Arena, where an all-out brawl occured between Aeff, Deff, Geff, Heff, Jeff, Leff, Meff, the Peffs, Reff, Seff, Veff, and Пeff.

After several rounds of summoning, shoving, shooting, and explosions, Heff and Пeff emerged victorious (with Reff taking bronze) and moving on to whatever awaited them.


Player Name Area # Strength Weakness Kills Cause of Death
PawntoD4 Aeff 4 Can summon demons. Shot by Deff
BBC2 Beff 3 Hit by sliding platform broken off by Eeff
Chronohell Ceff 2 Can revive as a zombie after killing someone. Cannot equip weapons. 1 Gunned by Deff
Schazer Deff 2 Can touch other *effs and gain their power. Weak without power. 4 Reff supercharged gun, exploded in face
Gunhaven Eeff 3 Psychic powers Something to do with being a floating head 3 Self-kill
Lord Paradise Feff 2 Sentry turret
g0m Geff 3 Can survive 2 headshots. Fire imp, courtesy of Deff
Trihan Heff 4 Can fire jets of water. Survived
Korbz Ieff 3 Fell when balloons removed by Reff (not intentional)
thriggle Jeff 1 Uses Saving Roll to survive. Normal. Crit fumble on saving roll for dodging Heff's water jets
Vdogam3 Keff 4 Genetic Failure
Aryogaton Leff 3 Living tank - nigh-invulnerable. Extremely slow and heavy. 1 Pushed into spikes by Peffs
OddGuy Meff 1 Can posess corpses. Weak without body. Only works on corpses. 3 Electrocuted by Reff.
SWari69 Neff 3 Victim of Eeff's platform antics
Babel Oeff 2 Impaled with a ladder by Ceff
CheeseDeluxe Peff 4 Can clone self. Each clone is weaker than the last. Shot by Пeff
Heatwizard Qeff 1 Shoots spiderwebs. 2 Killed by spike trap
bobthepen Reff 3 Has electrical powers. Weakness to water. 3 Stabbed by Seff (3rd)
Sruixan Seff 2 Can put up a physical shield-arm. Cannot move while shielding. 2 Shot by Пeff (4th)
earthexe Teff 1 Killed by spike trap caused by Qeff
Enthernal Ueff 3 Genetic Failure
Reecer6 Veff 3 Can teleport. When teleporting, risks losing a limb. Stabbed by Seff
Arby Weff 4 Genetic Failure
dexexe123 Xeff 2 Could form a shield around objects/*effs. Couldn't shield himself. Genetic Failure
Masterherocard Yeff 4 Essentially a BFG. Couldn't move. Removed from play
Zatch Zeff 1 Head overheated from flamethrower, thanks to Qeff
Waferman Щeff 5 Genetic Failure
NotTrihan Фeff 5 Can summon hipsters. Pissed off 2eff
AllIsLost Жeff 5 Zapped by 2eff
Lollipop&Rainbows Пeff 5 Has Medusa hair. 2 Survived
AllIsLost Hipster 5 Zapped by 2eff