You shift uncomfortably and the chain attached to your ankle rattles. One of your guards comes in with a gun.
Author Anathema
Status Active

The Gods' Vigil is a somewhat dark adventure with a plot more serious and convoluted than the great majority of forum adventures. At first, its nameless protagonist is locked in a small room, without any clear recollection of his past. Soon enough, a number of mysterious gods appear, bestow strange powers upon him and urge him to escape, leaving his ultimate objective a complete mystery.

Plot Edit

In the beginning, the protagonist is saved from certain death by a strange cloaked figure with a clock instead of a face. The mysterious being gives him a choice between two pocket watches; one will lead him back into the past to correct the mistakes having led to this point, and the other will allow him to escape. The protagonist chooses to escape. Crawling through the vents, he eventually ends up in a locker room where he is forced to fight with some of his captors. He discovers that the watch he just obtained has the power to stop time. Using this opportunity to flee, he ends up in a dark alley, unsure of what to do next. There, a moon goddess appears and bestows him with the power to create illusions at will.

Armed with his two new abilities, the protagonist head into a nearby pub to collect information and better avoid his pursuers. After playing a mean prank on the bartender to test his skills, he starts drinking a lot and, after having made quite a show of himself, injures his back quite badly. He wakes up in a hospital, his two legs completely paralyzed.

Characters Edit

  • The nameless protagonist

The main character of the story. Has no name. Able to freely use powers that various gods have granted him.

  • Time

A man with a clock instead of a face. Grants the hero with a time-stopping pocket watch.

  • Moon

A translucent woman dressed in white. Grants the hero with the power to create illusions.

Tropes UsedEdit