"A group of kids play a game of SBURB, but there is something wrong with this session..." The Other Session i


The first panel.

s an adventure by Matthew and Daniel.  It follows the story of Matt Walmart as he (eventually) plays SBURB with his friends. The adventure is currently in Act 1, and Matt has not yet entered the medium. The adventure mostly features  OCs, but there is one returning character akready (Dad) and there may be more soon. The authors of The Other Session are a little full of themselves so they made a Wiki, a website, a Bandcamp, and a Tumblr.

Statistical MatrixEdit


One of the unique features of The Other Session is the Statistical Matrix, which "keeps track" of all the random 

stats that are found in the adventure. The Matrix is explained by LF here. In the Matrix, there are stats and settings. Stats are your current, well, stats, like Vatality Carats, Defense Crockpot, Authority Coins, and Reptiles Killed. Settings are things you can change, like your Abstainment Operandi, Matrix Organization Settings, and Trickster Schema. 

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