You wake up in a PADDED ROOM.
Author Mister Man
Status Active
Genre Escape

The Padded Room is a currently in progress MSPAFA created by Mister Man and illustrated by both him and screamjack.


Chapter 1Edit

The story begins with the protagonist of the adventure, currently unnamed, awakening in a room lined with a soft, white padding, not unlike that found in the cell of an asylum patient. The only other things residing in this room are a metal door that seemingly leads to nothingness, and a radio. After a tangential intermission in which the narrative shifted focus to the nature of the walls' identities, our unnamed protagonist would reach out to adjust the radio, only to have it explode, knocking him against the oh so soft padded wall. From the wreckage of the radio, he retrieves a pointy object, which he uses to cut away at the walls padding, revealing a small door leading into a dark, cramped tunnel. While traveling along said tunnel, he retrieves a fork, then balances it on his head for reasons currently beyond the levels of mortal comprehension. At the end of the hallway (which at this point has gained better lighting and a significant increase in height) is a metal door and accompanying number pad. After shenanigans occur involving the number pad and our protagonist's newly gained fork, the door opens to reveal a bright white light, which suddenly sucks in our protagonist to an unknown location, concluding Chapter 1.

Tropes UsedEdit

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