Welcome to the Thunderdome, where socialization of unheard of intensity shall soon be taking place.
Host Archduke Ferdinand
Players Languidiir, Thriggle, Archduke_Ferdinand, Earthaxe, Wesley Foxx, Archduke_Ferdinand, Sytakan, Nupanick, DimJim, Stephen, Pozeal, A Madman, Prawns, Guga, AllisLost, Many, The Decoy 13, SWari69, Phrawger, Baphomet, Sticko.
Status Complete


Thunderdome was a pretty open-ended adventure. People participating made a character (or used an existing one) and entered it into a large battlefield where everyone else's characters were. Participants would then draw out their characters actions to interact with one another. Eventually, continuity errors started up, and the whole thing turned into a fuckfest. In the end, the thread was locked to prevent further corrupting the forum's users, and a great lesson was learned: if you are going to make a collaboration, make it as controlled as possible.


  • Smooth Willie (By Languidiir)
  • Bob the Drip (By Thriggle)
  • A Robot Bartender (By Archduke_Ferdinand)
  • Chuck King the Magnetite-Based (By earthexe)
  • Guybrush Futurewood (By Wesley Foxx)
  • Don Novamaster (By Archduke_Ferdinand)
  • Red Sticklord (By Sytakan)
  • Godwall (By Nupanick)
  • Jim (By DimJim)
  • Buddy Hanson (By Stephen)
  • Blue Helper (By Pozeal)
  • Contented Satchel (By A Madman)
  • Crispus T. Muzzlewit (By Prawns)
  • Horrible Boss (By Languidiir)
  • Dark Horrible Boss (By Stephen)
  • :twisted: (By Guga)
  • & (By Guga)
  • Rainbow Shirts (By AllIsLost)
  • Twisted Earthworm of Darkness (By Many)
  • Dispensing Robot (By AllIsLost)
  • Dastardly Villian (By The Decoy 13)
  • Dawn (By SWari69)
  • Main Character (By Phrawger)
  • Jimi Hendrix (By Phrawger)
  • Lily (By Baphomet)
  • Guga (Himself)
  • Nick (By Sticko)
  • Frank (By Baphomet)

Tropes UsedEdit