"I must reach into another world. I must summon creatures, mighty and great to defend me and my tower. I must summon..."

"The Tower Guardians."

Host Dexexe1234
Players Kaitostrike, MyifanW, Korbz
Status Active
Genre Turn-Based
Tower Guardians! is an RPG hosted by Dexexe1234. It is centered around a giant tower and the titular guardians who defend it from waves of enemies.


The ruler of a large dark tower calls guardians to him to help defend it against heroes. The tower is nearly completely destroyed but can be restored if an essence called "Horror" is extracted from blood spilled on it. The players are given the task of killing any heroes who enter the tower.


Every floor on the tower has an "Artifact" on it, which can be destroyed by the heroes. If the Artifact is destroyed, the entire floor will crumble. When a hero dies, the tower collects an essence called Horror from their blood. Once enough Horror is collected, another floor can be built on the tower.


Overlord - The overlord of the tower, he has become too weak to fight heroes and must now rely on guardians he summons from other worlds. Not much is known about him. He somewhat looks like gearworks

Kristeo Kait (Kaitostrike) - A strong and charismatic warrior, that one could think would be a hero. He is a master at tanking, and defending other guardians.

Fawminy (MyifanW) - A wicked sorcerer, that controls the element of dark matter. Is a little hystarical. A master of darkness and distance attacks.

Zrokb (Korbz) - A Wizard that have experimented with the unholy artifacts of fear and have such become an incarnation of the cursed pumpkin king. Master of elemental attacks.

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