You are lying on the floor.
Author Lankie
Status Active

Traitor is a forum adventure by Lankie following a man who doesn't know who or what he is as he explores a bizarre otherworldly realm where nothing behaves as it should.


An unnamed man wakes up with no memory of where, who or what he is. He finds a note signed from someone called Traitor that tells him he is human. Reading this he becomes more solid and better defined. He travels out along a seemingly endless staircase, eventually he comes across an unfriendly hooded man, who stabs him before he can find anything out from him. The main character's blood swirls through the air in a strange way. He focuses and uses his blood as a weapon impaling the hooded man. As he tries to save the hooded man from plummeting to his death, the hooded man shatters at his touch. The main character is greeting by a man with the roman numeral III for a face who claims to be God. III tells him that it is time for him to die and the main character blacks out. He reawakens near a signpost that stretches into the sky, and a hanging noose. To see if he is really immortal he tries to hang himself. A boy called Issac is playing in a garden. His mother calls him into the house and the main character wakes up more defined than before. He struggles and then manages to free himself.


  • Traitor: The main character. He is initially just a black outline, but as he learns more about himself his shape becomes more defined. It is unclear whether he is changing or whether his perception of himself is becoming clearer. Assuming that his dream was a flashback his name is Issac.
  • III: The third of eleven creators who rule over all life as a council.


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