It's the year of 20WW, You wake up in the middle of a ruined city, your database indicates that you are recognized as ULTRADUDE W revelick chaser, super inteligent death machine, but it seems that your database has suffered a lost of memory, also it seems like you crashed here, the only thing you can see are really futuristic tall buildings, what will you do?
Author Ed
Status Complete

Ultradude W is an adventure by Ed. It is a parody of the Megaman X series of games.

Plot Edit

Ultradude W, revelick chaser, is hunting down the 8 robot lords; Grafitti Man, Electric Ape Man, Icy Penguin Man, Sudoku Man, Palmera Man, Hardened Pangolin Man, Bass the Fish and Wind Eagle. Along the way he befriends Electric Ape Man, Hardened Pangolin Man's mechanical digger and Bass 2. During his assault on Bass the Fish's underwater laboratory W finds and befriends an evil copy of him, who can only speak Spanish. They valiantly battle Bass and Other W sacrifices himself to destroy Bass.

After vanquishing all eight robot lords W recieves a message from a mysterious man claiming that the robot lords were merely a distraction and soon he will take over the world. W figures it's Dr. Billy, leader of the revelicks and heads to his secret island base. Here he makes his way through deadly traps and with the help of Ape Man he battles copies of all the robot lords. Once at the top of the tower he confronts Dr. Billy. After defeating Dr. Billy's first form (flying a plane) he transforms into a second more powerful form (Dr. Billy giantbot). W steals Dr Billy's plane and uses it to launch a powerful assault on him. Dr. Billy attacks with a strange blue beam and W tosses Other W's helmet into the blast before managing to defeat Dr. Billy's second form. They head up to the roof where Dr. Billy transforms into his final form (Billy Final Form (BFF)). W summons the lab, which transforms into a giant mech. BFF and W's giant lab-bot fight. BFF gears up for a big attack until Other W, now with a glowy blue aura hits him with a powerful blast.

Characters Edit

  • Ultradude W

Ultradude W is a robot created by Dr Bright. He was created in order to hunt down the revelick androids that disobey humans. W is very powerful and has a strong sense of justice. Some say he is really overpowered as he can jump and attack at the same time.

  • Ape Man

Although initially one of the Robot Lords, Ape Man decided to join Ultradude W's side for some reason. His power is electric fist.

  • Other W

An evil version of Ultradude W that was being developed in Bass the Fish's underwater labs. He has a good/evil switch on the back of his head. Strangely enough he was programmed to only speak Spanish.

  • Dr. Billy

Leader of the robot lords, Dr. Billy plans to take over the world. He's evil, but not very competant.


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