This is the first of what will hopefully be few posts on this blog. I will start it off by telling you some interesting facts.

  • Squirrels can swim underwater
  • The Mexican pear is exactly like a normal pear except it has a little sombrero
  • Webcomics were invented in 1990 by Sir James Webcomic
  • It is illegal to wear sandals with socks in most American States
  • Japanese people don't sweat
  • On average, an adult male thinks about sex a gazillion times a second
  • Legally, Spain is part of Holland
  • This statement is a lie
  • The above statement is the truth
  • Nobody actually likes Brussels Sprouts
  • The automobile was invented before the light bulb, sliced bread, and wheels
  • Dogs are just short, unhygienic men and women. The exception to this is chihuahuas, who are tiny polar bears
  • In the early days of computers, an "operating system", was a huge treadmill with sheep inside that had to run around to power it. This is where we get the term "RAM"
  • Cats crap out their mouths
  • All Pollacks, without exception, are extremely intelligent, reasonably attractive and very proficient at sexual intercourse
  • Mattresses have not contained springs since the late 1700s, as they constitute a safety hazard due to their sharp ends. Nowadays mattresses are filled with asbestos

I may, one day, write more!

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