You are this WESTERN SHERIFF, the biggest authority of this town, what will you do?
Author Ed
Status Active

Western Sheriff is an adventure by Ed_knott. The titular Sheriff is on a quest to rescue his lady, Demoiselle in Distress, from Mexican Bandit.

Plot Edit

Western Sheriff wakes up with blood on his forehead and no recollection of why he's lying on his office floor. After finding the code to the safe in his office and retrieving his gun and keys. One flashback later, he is horrified to realise that his beloved Demoiselle in Distress has been kidnapped by Mexican Bandit. After leaving the house, Sheriff then discovers his horse has been stolen, so he grabs a mop from the cupboard and rides that to the Mayor's house.

While smoking one of the mayor's cigars Western Sheriff explains about the Bandit's misdeeds; the mayor gives him a map to the mountains where Mexican Bandit is purported to be hiding.

Western Sheriff heads off but doesn't get far on his substitute horse, so stops at a ranch where he tries to steal a really small pony. The owner arrives on Sheriff's horse and runs off, but is gunned down. He confesses that a bandit came through with the horse.

While the Bandit sends out his goons to ambush the Sheriff and heads out to set some traps, Demoiselle tries a daring escape from her captors.

Characters Edit

  • Western Sheriff - The protagonist who wakes up and remembers he has to rescue his love. Can drink WHISKEY to experience a boost in power.
  • Mayor Scrooge - Father of Demoiselle in Distress and mayor of town.
  • Mexican Bandit - An evil, oft-intoxicated Bandit Lord who likes setting traps.
  • Demoiselle in Distress - Mayor Scrooge's daughter; she is kidnapped by Mexican Bandit but escapes. She is very happy-go-lucky.

Tropes Edit

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