Wait a second...

If an adventure features a computer with an Internet connection, there's a good chance that someone will suggest the character "Log on to"

Inevitably, the readers will demand for that character to log on to the very same website the adventure is hosted on, thus possibly blowing the character's mind and/or destroying the universe.

There are a variety of ways that this can be dealt with; the most common seems to be sending the character to an alternate-universe MSPA forum where the adventure doesn't exist but other adventures do. Andrew Hussie did this himself in Homestuck. Some authors, interestingly enough, base entire adventures around this trope, and some take it a step further and make themselves the main character (see Hey Guys).

Examples Edit

  • Critters - Amelia visits a pre-Homestuck MSPA that lacks a forum. Worth a mention because of Dfaran's comment on the trope: "Nobody's allowed to have an internet connection in one of these adventures and NOT do this."
  • Create.swf Adventures: Shenanigans in a Magical Forest - almost; they go to, where Marisa had Gamzee's introduction bookmarked, but not the site where Create.swf Adventures is hosted.
  • Forum Adventure Adventure - This adventure is built on this trope.
  • Iji - Features a fictional adventure based on Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden (since the adventure is itself based on an actual game) on the "Photoshop Paint Forums", which is mentioned to have its own example in an adventure based on An Untitled Story on the "Paintshop Pro Adventures Forums". Earlier, there's a variation in an interlude of silliness in which Iji goes to the TV Tropes page on the actual game and her head explodes.
  • Maraschino - Subverted rudely ("sorry, wiseguy, but no recursion allowed in THIS adventure"), but implied to have been played straight at some point in the past because the main character's desktop wallpaper is a screenshot from Homestuck.
  • You're A Thief, Rob Some Stuff - Features what is possibly the best example of this trope in practice; also the one pictured above.

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